About Candy Smasher



Fluffy Narwhal invited his friends for birthday party to ice cream ocean. But during the party somebody put a hole in a bag full of candies – and now they are all over the place. Will you help Narwhal to clean up the mess?

About the game: 

Candy Smasher is a simple arcade game where player has to crush flying candies – and don’t let them touch the floor – while avoiding fluffy toys such as unicorns or narwhals.

The game is designed for Android platform and looks especially good on tablets. It’s free and it doesn’t contain any kind of in-app purchase – so it it can be safely recommended for kids.

It is great for eye-hand coordination training and even may help player to stay fit – just because of its sweetness. New research out of Brigham Young University* finds that looking at pictures of certain kind of food can make it less enjoyable to eat – therefore decrease appetite for it’s particular taste. Which means that playing games that includes visuals of sweets – such as Candy Smasher – probably could help to eat less candies and stay fit while having fun.


How to play:

These are candies for you to smash:


Try to smash as many as you can with one swipe – to get more points – and don’t let them touch the floor.

These are fluffy toys – do not touch them:


You can choose one of three modes: levels, endless and immortality mode:



With every level the game gets more difficult. You can buy bonuses for points you earn.The better you are – the more stars for level you will get.

Endless mode:

Here you can play as long as you have lives. All points that you will get you can spend on bonuses to make the game more interesting.

Immortality mode:

A special mode designed for begginers and younger players – here you can’t loose life in any case so the game ends only when you want it. This mode is perfect for training, but you cannot buy bonuses for points earned in this mode.



You can buy bonuses for points that you earn.

We love playing Candy Smasher and we hope you will too.









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